Magicork started as a labor of love in 2009. The artist, Brandon Dole, a dentist in Sacramento, wanted to create a something unique from a recycled medium as a gift for his wife.  200 hours, 100’s of corks, and a few bottles of wood glue later, the first “corkscape” was born.

We have all seen corkboards and trivots made of corks. We have even seen large murals made from whole corks, all very beautifully created by talented artists.  However, Brandon wanted to take this medium one step further.  He uses a #15 scalpel blade to carve each piece of cork into the exact shape he needs as he builds each corkscape.  It is wood glue or crazy glue that holds his visions in place within the hand made or recycled frame.

The pieces are for sale. If interested, please email Brandon at brandondole@hotmail.com for information about each piece or if you would like to request a customized corkscape of your own.